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If you are interested in participating in one or more of the working groups, please send your name, email address, and a current CV to John McDonald at The working groups will be staffed quickly so your prompt response will be necessary.

Working group members should have their company support and be current CIGRÉ members with their current dues paid.

The final choice of members is the responsibility of CIGRE technical officers and the study committee chair and working group convener. The U.S. National Committee can only make a recommendation.

Posted February 13, 2018

WG number: C3.19
Name of Convener: Stefano Franchi Bononi (ITALY)
Name of Convener:  James Hart (Australia)
Title: Responsible management of the Electric and Magnetic Field Issue

Posted January 17, 2018

WG number: B1.62
Name of Convener: Stefano Franchi Bononi (ITALY)
Title: Recommendations for Testing DC Extruded Cable Systems for Power Transmission at a Rated Voltage up to and including 800 kV

WG number: B1.63
Name of Convener: Emmanuelle LAURE (FRANCE)
Title: Additional recommendations for mechanical testing of submarine cables for dynamic applications

WG number: B1.64
Name of Convener: Name of Convener: Ronny Stølan (NORWAY)
Title: Evaluation of Losses in Armoured Three Core Power Cables

Posted January 2, 2018

WG number: D1.73
Name of Convener: Michel Frechette (CA)
Title: Multi-functionality at the service of the electric power industry

WG number: D2.45
Name of Convener: Herwig Klima (AT)
Title: Impact of governance regulations and constraints on EPU sensitive data distribution and location of data storage

Posted November 27, 2017

WG number: B2.69
Name of Convener: Farzaneh Masoud (Canada)
Title: Coatings for Power Network Equipment

WG number: B3.50
Name of Convener: Mark Reuter (Germany)
Title: Concepts for on-site HV testing of GIS after installation, extension, retrofit or repair

WG number: B4.78
Name of Convener: Kerry B. Walker (Canada)
Title: Cyber Asset Management for HVDC/FACTS Systems

WG number: B5.66
Name of Convener: Dennis Holstein (US)
Title: Cyber Security requirements for PACS and the Resilience of PAC Architectures

WG number: C2.24
Name of Convener: Frank Crisci (Australia)
Title: Mitigating the risk of fire starts and the consequences of fires near overhead lines for System Operations

Posted October 16, 2017

WG number: C4.47
Name of Convener: Malcolm van Harte (South Africa)
Title: Power System Resilience

Posted September 27, 2017

WG number: C4.46
Name of Convener: Filipe Faria da Silva (Denmark)
Title: Evaluation of Temporary Overvoltages in Power Systems due to Low Order Harmonic Resonances

WG number: WG number: C4.48
Name of Convener: Ivan Dudurych (Ireland)
Title: Overvoltage Withstand Characteristics of Power System Equipment 35-1200 kV

WG number: C5.27
Name of Convener: Gerard Doorman (Norway)
Title: Market Design for Short-Term Flexibility

Posted August 22, 2017

WG number: C3.18
Name of Convener: Anne-Sophie DESALEUX (France)
Title: Eco-Friendly Approaches in Transmission and Distribution

Posted August 15, 2017

WG number: C5.26
Name of Convener: Kankar Bhattacharya (Canada)
Title: Auction Markets and Other Procurement Mechanisms for Demand Response Services

Posted August 10, 2017

WG number: D1.71
Name of Convener: Joe Tusek (AU)
Title: Understanding and mitigating corrosion

Posted August 8, 2017

WG number: B2.68
Name of Convener: Cecile Roze (France)
Title: Sustainability of OHL conductors and fittings – Conductor condition assessment and life extension

WG number: C1/C6.37/CIRED
Name of Convener: Juan Carlos Araneda (CHILE)
Title: Optimal transmission and distribution investment decisions under increasing energy scenario uncertainty

WG number: D2.42
Name of Convener: Roel de Vries (Netherlands)
Title: Synchronization and time distribution in communication networks for time sensitive distributed operational applications in the power grid

Posted June 27, 2017

WG number: A1.60
Name of Convener: Mark Bruintjies (ZA)
Title: Guide on economic evaluation for refurbishment or replacement decisions on hydro generators

Posted June 20, 2017

WG number: A1.61
Name of Convener: Andre Tomaz de Carvalho (Brazil)
Title: Survey of Partial Discharge Monitoring in Large Motors

WG number: B3.49
Name of Convener: Milan Radosavljevic (Sweden)
Title: Review Of substation busbar component reliability

WG number: C3.17
Name of Convener: Katherine Palmquist (united States)
Title: Interactions between Wildlife and Emerging Renewable Energy Sources and Associated Insulated Cables

Posted April 25, 2017

WG number: B2.67
Name of Convener: Ahsan Siddique (Australia)
Title: Assessment and Testing of Wood and Alternative Material Type Poles

WG number: C1.38
Name of Convener: Graeme Ancell (Australia)
Title: Valuation as a comprehensive approach to asset management in view of emerging developments