U.S. Next Generation Network

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The Next Generation Network seeks to facilitate a successful transition into the Power systems industry by providing technical resources and networking opportunities.

The CIGRÉ U.S. Next Generation Network (NGN) was established for Early career professionals (less than 10 years experience) and Students in the Power industry. We strongly encourage students to become CIGRE members, as membership is FREE for students. Once you have become a CIGRE member, you will have free access to the working group and study committee technical brochures located at www.e-cigre.org.

Mentoring Program

The NGN mentoring program was established to provide an opportunity for young engineers to get involved in CIGRE working groups with limited or no knowledge in the subject area. Presently, there are NGN members participating in nine different working groups.


To get started:

1) Find the Study Committees/Working Groups you’re interested in.

2) Go to the structure section of the Study Committee website (C6 for example). You will see the list of working groups as well as the duration of the working group. It is important to make sure the working group is still being convened.

3) There is an additional list of new groups here that may not have been updated on the Study Committee website yet.

Contact Diana Lee (dlee@velco.com) for more information.

NGN Paper Competition

2016 Results 2015 Results

In 2015, the NGN held its first Paper Competition to encourage students and early professionals to share their experience and knowledge with others in the industry. The competition was successful in accomplishing this, as well as providing a great experience to all involved. The results for the 2017 Paper Competition are in!


2017 Competition Results

On October 24, 2017, the winner of the Next Generation Network (NGN) Paper Competition was determined. Each contestant was graded on a number of different categories, with a maximum of 500 points that could be earned. The finalists came within only a few points of each other. We are proud to announce our 2017 Grand Prize Winner, Reynold Cornell!

Reynold is an up and coming engineer with AEP and currently works in their Asset Health Center. Reynold’s winning paper was entitled “The Asset Health Center, Implementation of Online Monitoring and the Grid of the Future.”Reynold was awarded an honorary plaque from the Next Generation Network and will have travel and registration costs covered for our 2018 CIGRE General Session in Paris!

Again, we would like to thank all of our finalists and congratulate Reynold Cornell on a stupendous accomplishment! Congrats, Reynold!