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CIGRE US National Committee (USNC)


July 28, 2017: Complete manuscripts must be submitted by July 28, 2017. The paper should be a maximum length of six pages and formatted in accordance with the CIGRE Publications Guide available here.


August 25, 2017: Notification of acceptance.


September 8, 2017: Deadline for submission of final paper with required changes.


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The Grid of the Future Symposium, sponsored by the CIGRE US National Committee (USNC) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and with the theme Technology for the 21st Century Electric Utility,will be held October 22 – 24, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The Symposium, hosted by First Energy, will be a forum for the participants to discuss state-of-the-art innovations in generation, transmission, distribution, and innovative smart grid technologies. The Symposium will feature plenary sessions, technical paper sessions, and tutorials by international experts. Contributions from Next Generation Network (NGN) young engineers are encouraged.

The Symposium scope covers the following general topics:

• Generation: Developments of Rotating Electrical Machines, Life Management of Generators, Rotating Machines for Dispersed Generation

• Transmission and System Operations: Wide Area Protection and Control, Synchrophasors and Wide Area Measurement Systems, SCADA/EMS of the Future, Integration of Large Scale Renewables, Physical and Cyber Security

• Distribution: Advanced DA/DMS Applications, Impact of Distributed Energy Resources (electric transportation, demand response, distributed generation, storage), Integration of Distribution Management with System Control and Markets

• Smart Grid: Advanced Sensors, Communications Infrastructure, Smart Grid Systems Architecture, Interoperability Standards, Cyber Security and Privacy Issues, Integration of Demand Response and Distributed Resources, Role of Microgrids

• Innovation: Advanced Modeling Approaches, OT/IT Convergence, Analytics for Asset Management, Performance Optimization, Reliability Assessment and Management, Characterization and Modeling of Geomagnetically Induced Currents, New Regulatory Models
Tutorials: The conference has reserved space for smart grid tutorials and panel sessions. If you are interested in organizing a tutorial or session, please contact John McDonald, Technical Program Chair at



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The 2015 CIGRÉ USNC Grid of the Future event was featured in the December issue of Transmission & Distribution World magazine.

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